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Loft tables

Updated: May 3, 2021

Loft tables are a great solution when it comes to modernizing your kitchen. They are also a great piece of furniture if you think about renovating the kitchen and adapting it to your individual goals and the taste of the household members. Loft tables, otherwise known as industrial tables, have a fairly simple structure. It is precisely this simplicity of construction that makes kitchen furniture impossible to do without arranging this type of table. Besides, not only kitchens are an ideal place to install a loft table, but also, and perhaps above all, dining rooms and rooms in the house and apartment, or even during storms at work. They are the perfect destination for loft tables.

What are loft tables

Loft or industrial tables are quite simple and classic-looking furniture. They consist of a metal structure, i.e. a base and a wooden top.

Stół drewniany w stylu Loft

The base can have a folding structure or not, and it is the non-foldable structure that is the most popular and desired by customers. The design of the base can of course be varied and depending on individual expectations, additionally, any varnished. However, it is known from practice that black varnishing of a metal base is the most effective due to the best contrast created by a base with a wooden top. Solid wood worktops are varnished or made available in conjunction with the base as so-called oiled tables, which looks great in any kitchen, living room, dining rooms and offices. This surface finish has many advantages. The surface of the table top is resistant to factors such as water, fats and some chemical factors. The coating protects the wood material and does not damage or destroy it. In addition, it provides unmatched ease of care for the surface. Usually, all substances, stains and dirt can be easily removed with the use of generally available but selected cleaning agents. It is equally easy to care for the surface of loft tables.

When is it worth investing in industrial tables?

As it was mentioned at the beginning, tables of this type are an excellent equipment not only in the kitchen, although the kitchen may ultimately provide for a different table structure, it works very well as an ad hoc piece of furniture.

Stół drewniany z krzesłami

It always looks great as equipment for children's rooms, porches and terraces, balconies and home gazebos. The advantage of loft tables is undoubtedly the fact that their structure is resistant to weather conditions, such disadvantageously functioning tables are made of other materials and have a different structure. As you can see, here loft tables, and especially oiled loft tables, do a great job, offer an attractive appearance and functional properties. For this reason, loft tables are a desirable position when choosing a table with a classic structure. When renovating the kitchen and selecting furniture to size, it may turn out that the loft table will be the best solution, especially when the dimensions of the kitchen are small.

Durability of loft tables

It can be safely said that industrial tables are extremely durable, especially as custom-made furniture. Their solid structure and securing it with a varnish coat becomes durable and resistant to most external factors, but the same applies to the top itself, which is probably the most important element of the entire table. A high-quality table allows you to visualize the grain in the wood in an attractive way, and the protection in the form of varnish or oiling gives an unusual and attractive appearance. In addition, it fixes the material to the highest degree, making the table top and the entire table durable for many years. For this reason, the proposition in the form of industrial ones is a very good, durable and economical proposition for people who are looking for modern solutions for private and industrial purposes, where loft tables, as equipment for offices or employee dining rooms, are a very good solution. Therefore, when renovating such facilities, it is worth getting acquainted with the offer of loft tables.

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