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Bathroom furniture to size

High levels of humidity and variable temperature are factors that place great demands on bathroom furniture. The fact that bathrooms usually have a very limited space is an additional difficulty. In this situation, it is worth considering the choice of bathroom furniture to size, which will allow you to make better use of the space available in this room.

Bathroom furniture to size - material selection

The use of the popular chipboard in the bathroom is not recommended as it is more susceptible to moisture. The most commonly used materials are furniture boards - varnished MDF, which can cope with conditions with a higher degree of air humidity. In order to increase the durability and resistance of bathroom furniture made of furniture board to bathroom conditions, it is additionally covered with laminate or varnish.

Nothing stands in the way of ordering bathroom furniture made of solid wood. The only condition is to select the appropriate species and proper impregnation to be able to enjoy this natural material in the bathroom for years.

It is worth remembering that hinges and drawer rails of bathroom furniture should be made of high-quality materials that ensure smooth and smooth operation. The selection of the right materials combined with a precise, modern design allows you to successfully create solutions, including about a quiet house.

Advantages of custom-made bathroom furniture

There are many advantages in favor of custom-made bathroom furniture. By commissioning custom-made furniture, we have complete control over the appearance of each element. Ready furniture will not provide us with such functionality and individual adjustment as furniture from a carpentry shop. However, custom-made bathroom furniture is primarily a solution that will ensure the originality and uniqueness of the interior, even in larger bathrooms. Original bathroom furniture to size can effectively decorate this specific room. In addition to irregular forms, the unusual fronts of cabinets and countertops can be an interesting and extremely attractive accent. Individually tailored solutions will give you the feeling of a neat combination of function and form. On the other hand, the optimal selection of materials guarantees not only the protection of the furniture, but also facilitates the cleaning itself.

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