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INTERIOR ADAPTATION Breathe new life into the old interior

The essence of interior adaptation

Adaptation of a building or building structure consists in maintaining its partial structure or volume in order to adapt it to a different use than it is today (e.g. adapting an old barn into a café). It may also consist in adapting the existing building to new requirements, without changing its function (e.g. an old gothic apartment building is equipped with modern heating and sewage systems). We are talking here about reconstruction, extension and superstructure. However, the basic condition for interior adaptation is to maintain the stylish qualities of the existing building, and even to display them.

The magic of eclectic interiors

Creating bridges between the past and the present through the adaptation of interiors has captivated many people. Many customers dream of adapting historical rooms (restaurants with cross vaults in the basements of old tenement

houses look beautiful) or utility rooms into a flat. Lofts and industrial style do not go out of fashion. However, skillfully combining details from different eras is not easy at all. There are no strict stylistic rules for them, rather you need a certain sense and intuition, as well as respect for history. In this way, the room gains a new aesthetic dimension, but above all, it can be properly used and functional.

Furniture for interior adaptation

Unusual furniture is needed to adapt the interior to emphasize the character of the room. We can, of course, look for individual gems in antique shops (which, unfortunately, is a great pleasure) or choose custom-made furniture, personalized for a specific interior. They have the advantage that they can be perfectly integrated not only in style, but also in shape into unusual recesses or slants, using the maximum potential of space. In this way, we will also take care of the functionality of the room, we will arrange storage zones, using modern solutions (silent door closing system, rotary fittings for a corner cabinet, etc.), which old furniture will not provide. Customized furniture will give consistency not only to the furniture, but to the entire interior. So we will avoid chaos (colloquially speaking, messy ones), which is not difficult to achieve when combining the old with the new.

The custom-made furniture we provide is maintained in a consistent, minimalist style, mainly Scandinavian and industrial. You can successfully order individual elements, such as loft sliding doors and loft tables with wooden tops, solid wood stairs or built-in wardrobes and wardrobes.

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