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Side By Side refrigerator, or maybe built-in?

Updated: May 3, 2021

When the owner of the apartment decides to arrange the kitchen, he means first of all to furnish it in accordance with his preferences and

Lodówka w zabudowie

taste and its equipment. For many people, this is the topic they deal with in the first place when it comes to adapting the most necessary in the kitchen

items. In fact, most of the equipment can be selected according to what the kitchen area itself and its dimensions offer. If it is classic, undersized, custom-made furniture or entire kitchens to measure can be helpful, which can also be easily fitted with household appliances. Most appliances, such as gas cookers, microwaves and dishwashers, have a simple design that fits any kitchen size. The case is a bit more complicated when it comes to the refrigerator. It is seemingly easy to integrate into kitchen furniture, but it can be a bit of a problem.

Choosing a refrigerator to match the dimensions of the kitchen

In fact, choosing a refrigerator is as simple as possible due to the size of the kitchen. Usually refrigerators have straight wall angles, and the part of the kitchen where the refrigerator is to stand is as simple and dimensional as possible, without unnecessary sharp angles. It is the dimensions of the kitchen that will determine the height and width of the refrigerator. So, almost any model of refrigerator will perform perfectly well in

Lodówka Side By Side

every kitchen, even when it comes to custom-made kitchens. The problem with the choice of models and dimensions of the refrigerator practically does not exist. Every refrigerator is basically similar in this respect. The only problem with choosing a refrigerator is whether a side by side refrigerator or a built-in refrigerator is more suitable for the kitchen. We will solve this problem by comparing both models of refrigerators and their peculiarities. This will allow you to choose which model of the refrigerator is best suited to a given kitchen in terms of its suitability for the owner and blending in with kitchen furniture and other equipment.

Side by side refrigerator, or maybe built-in?

Here it is impossible to clearly determine which of the refrigerators is better than the other in some respects. Much actually depends on what kind of refrigerator the kitchen space intended for it will take. However, a lot depends on the owner of the kitchen himself, because the side by side refrigerator and the built-in model have slightly different features. A classic built-in refrigerator usually has a single door and is divided horizontally. Part belonging to

Lodówka Side By Side

the freezer compartment is located at the bottom or at the top of the refrigerator. In terms of dimensions, there is no particular difference compared to a side by side refrigerator and how each one can be larger or smaller depending on the owner's requirements. The side y side refrigerator is a refrigerator that opens on both sides and divides vertically, thanks to which it fits in with other kitchen furniture. Part of the refrigerator is on one side, as is the freezer. The side by side refrigerator is slightly narrower than the built-in model, but easier to operate in terms of freezer operation, while in the classic model it is more difficult and less convenient. In addition, and what is very important, the side by side refrigerator is more spacious due to its greater height. It is easy to place in the kitchen, and the varnished furniture fronts will certainly not be damaged by the doors specially designed in this model.

How can you be sure of the right choice?

The choice of the type of refrigerator is as individual as its dimensions. However, it all depends on the requirements set by the owner, the dimensions of his kitchen, possible development possibilities, if the kitchen allows it, and his consumer needs. Yes, side by side refrigerators are modern and have many facilities, but sometimes it happens that, despite this, this model must be sacrificed in favor of a free-standing built-in refrigerator. Sometimes this fact is determined by furniture to size, which determines the choice of a refrigerator, and sometimes it is also the choice of one of the owners. Well, the choice of a refrigerator must be a carefully considered choice as it is one of the most important expenses on which the functioning of the entire kitchen depends.

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