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What kind of countertop in the Kitchen - Stone or Wooden

Updated: May 3, 2021

A kitchen worktop is one of the most important, if not the most important, functional piece of furniture in the kitchen. Due to its rather intensive use, it should have many properties, different from other furniture in the kitchen. The specific properties ensure the durability of the countertops, and at the same time the ease of preparing meals on them, with special hygienic requirements for the prepared food products. Therefore, replacing countertops when renovating a kitchen should always be considered.

How important is the material for kitchen countertops

Apart from the fact that the user takes into account the overall external appearance of the kitchen, the materials that are used in the manufacture of kitchen worktops must have

Blat drewniany

special properties. When designing custom-made furniture and considering the material from which the countertops will be made, it is worth considering it more deeply. Kitchen worktops are those elements of the kitchen decor that will be used intensively for preparing meals, cakes and processing various other food items. Countertop materials should not be overestimated, because they must meet the stringent working conditions imposed on them by contact with food. A kitchen worktop should be sufficiently durable and resistant to mechanical damage to be able to resist the adverse effects on delicate items that are eaten. For this reason, it should be borne in mind that the material from which the kitchen worktop is made should:

- show resistance to water, which is a solvent, and in contact with food, it can transfer chemicals that are on the countertop, and which it is impregnated with, to articles intended for consumption

- be durable so as not to crumble and contaminate food products

- be resistant to cleaning agents

- be easy to clean with antibacterial agents

As can be seen, kitchen furniture must be characterized, apart from purely visual, aesthetic and functional features, also with high safety in contact with food products.

Popular kitchen countertops

Usually, wood, laminated boards, and more and more often solid stone countertops are used for kitchen worktops. As for stone products, therefore, a stone with not only aesthetic but also functional qualities is used. Down

Blat kamienny

the most popular are granite. Of course, other types of stone can be used when constructing furniture to size, but granite is a relatively cheap material with very attractive aesthetic values. It is very nice, and the right choice of its type, and thus the color and its proper processing, often give the kitchen a completely new character. Even if the renovation and modernization of the kitchen is limited to one activity, which is the replacement of kitchen worktops, it is worth investing in ones whose aesthetics will significantly affect the appearance of the kitchen. Thanks to this, it is possible to renovate the kitchen with a relatively small financial outlay.

Countertops in a modern kitchen

Modern kitchens usually have more than a single countertop on which to prepare meals, prepare products for baking cakes, preserves, or anything else related to the consumed items and meals. Typically, individual countertops are designed for specific purposes and tasks. Some are used for the daily preparation of meals, while others are used for

Kuchnia z blatem kamiennym

preparation of cakes and are often adapted to the installation of the mechanical and electrical devices needed for this purpose. When designing and making custom-made kitchen furniture, it is worth considering equipping the kitchen with countertops, the shapes of which will closely match the kitchen decor, and if you use ready-made solutions, adjust them to your kitchen. An important factor that must be taken into account is the sanitary safety factor so that, despite even their unusual appearance and class, preparing and even eating meals is completely aesthetic and safe for health. This should not be forgotten when renovating the kitchen

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