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Dressing room - every woman's dream

Do you know the moment when Princess Mia enters her new wardrobe, prepared in the palace in Genovia? The heroine of "The Princess Diary" is delighted with her! Nothing unusual. Beautiful display cases, effective lighting and drawers ideally suited to the content.

Many girls and adult women dream of their own unique wardrobe. It does not have to be a separate room, it can be, for example, a separate part of a bedroom or another room. Our carpentry shop will offer you the perfect solution for your home. Even a small space can be used to make a functional wardrobe, also in the attic with slants.

A "tailor-made" wardrobe consists primarily of shelves, drawers and bars. It is best to choose the shelves so that all things can fit. Those of different heights will be useful. The idea is to sort the clothes of the whole family and create an easy search system. Another advantage of a good storage space is to ensure a long life for your clothes and more!

A well-kept coat or sweater will last longer. If it is properly folded on a shelf or hung on a hanger, it will not deform or crease. If you have a larger area to use, you can also arrange sports equipment such as roller skates or skates in the wardrobe.

The golden rule of arranging this extremely useful place is arranging the area from the floor to the ceiling! At the top, you can hide less used items such as travel bags or an air mattress for guests.

Many women have their own more and less liked activities. Some people don't like ironing, for example. As with various activities, the most difficult step is the first step in the case of ironing - unfolding the ironing board. And here we give you another idea to solve the problem. Having a wardrobe, you can have the board unfolded all the time! Then just choose your favorite blouse or dress from the shelf, iron it quickly and go to the meeting!

A well-organized wardrobe will make it fit a lot of things that so far had no place and were scattered all over the house. With the help of this one small room, the whole house will be organized and will be peaceful and harmonious.

Feel like the heroine of "Sex and the City" Carrie Bradshaw, played by the amazing Sarah Jessica Parker and make yourself a real wardrobe!

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