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Custom-made or ready-made furniture - what is the best to choose?

By arranging our own four angles, we primarily want to create a space that will be functional and nice at the same time. The apartment and the house can be equipped with ready-made furniture from the living room or choose custom-made furniture.

Custom-made furniture - perfectly matched

Furniture made to measure is the possibility of optimal use of any space and its development so that it can be both functional and aesthetic. Therefore, wardrobes and custom-made kitchens are the most popular. Ergonomics is of the utmost importance in these rooms. Custom-made furniture allows you to avoid

impractical gaps or gaps, e.g. between the elements of the set and the wall. On the other hand, a perfect match of ready-made furniture is, in some cases, unfortunately even impossible (this applies mainly to small apartments and interior adaptations with non-standard shapes, slants or rounded walls).

In the case of "ready-made" products, we have a limited choice, both in terms of color, materials, dimensions and finishing. On the other hand, custom-made furniture is always created for a specific client, in accordance with his idea. If, even after a few or a dozen years, we want to replace an element, expand the set or use additional functions - the carpentry shop will certainly offer us new solutions, matching the previously made furniture. On the other hand, in the case of ready-made elements, it may not be possible to replace the worn-out element with an identical one, due to the withdrawal of a given series from production.

Price and lead time

Unfortunately, you have to take into account that custom-made furniture is usually more expensive than ready-made furniture. In addition, our order fulfillment time may vary from several days to even several months. Nevertheless, it may happen that designer models of ready-made furniture will be more expensive than custom-made furniture, and in some stores you will have to wait several days or weeks for even a standard piece of furniture. Most often, however, they are available immediately or at short notice, but the cost of their transport must be added.

When considering whether to choose custom-made or ready-made furniture, it all depends primarily on the space we want to develop and our expectations! Large interiors with a simple layout can be effectively and easily arranged both with "ready-made" items and with custom-made furniture. Smaller, non-standard ones are much easier to arrange with custom-made furniture.

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