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Arrangement of the living room and lighting

Updated: May 3, 2021

Arranging a living room is a topic that can cause a lot of trouble. Certainly, the construction of a new house or apartment and the arrangement of individual rooms does not require as much work as similar tasks performed in a building under renovation or restoration. However, no matter how much work a particular investment may take, it is always possible. Let's look at the most popular cases of arranging a living room and lighting.

Arranging and equipping a new showroom

In the case of furnishing the interior of a new apartment or a single-family house,

the owner has an inalienable opportunity and influence the construction process from the very beginning of the investment. He can coordinate the work of arranging the living room in good time. To create a functional living room, it is possible to plan its furnishings and lighting at this time. In the case of furniture, an important role is played by built-in wardrobes and smaller cabinets, which thanks to the use of blum fittings and accessories, as well as a professional

Salon z meblami

Other actuators for cabinets from the blum aventos catalog help minimize the size of the furniture, which will allow you to arrange the living room with taste. The lighting of the living room is not without significance, and actually just as important. Of course, everything depends on the taste of the owner of the apartment, because he is supposed to feel good in the living room. Modern LED lighting seems to be the most attractive. It is universal and comes in many variants of lighting colors, not just one. Thus, the arrangement of the living room in a new apartment allows its interior to be adapted to the owner's requirements and tastes, both while furnishing it and making it functional.

Salon renovation

The renovation of the living room in the apartment gives you some opportunities to adjust it to your own requirements, especially when you already know what advantages and disadvantages have been revealed by the old living room arrangement. Certainly, the old living room showed its positive features that should be replicated in the event of a renovation, as well as some disadvantages in terms of equipment, functionality and lighting. The most common


The problems that should be eliminated in connection with the renovation of the living room are varnished furniture fronts. They are most often damaged and worn out. The new showroom can already use these elements made in professional technology. It is worth paying attention to the renovation of furniture and its adaptation to the requirements for furniture accessories blum, peka, hettich. They are of excellent quality and intended for a living room, elements that allow much easier handling of cabinets and similar furniture. By using these accessories, you can protect your furniture for a long time and prevent excessive wear and tear and failure. We know the consequences of inadvertently so-called slamming furniture doors. Components that work together wear out or break quickly, and can be expensive to repair. Furniture lifts secure them, which is one of the few options for protecting moving parts of furniture. Renovation is also the best time to optimize your living room lighting. Here, the owner has full freedom in applying interesting solutions and adapting the lighting to his own taste.

Arrangement of the living room and lighting - conclusions

Arranging a living room may seem like a difficult task, but if properly carried out, it will bring many benefits to the owner and the guests it will host. It is known that furniture in the living room is used intensively, especially when the apartment is inhabited by children. The use of Blum accessories will ensure that the furniture will retain its functional properties, impeccable appearance for many years and will be safe in contact with children. Aventos lifts will make it impossible to close the door with too much force, which contributes to the degradation of the materials from which they are made. The same goes for lighting the living room, which is often crowded with children. Lighting arranged to ensure proper comfort and visibility will ensure that any behavior of such small people as adults will be completely safe.

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