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Carpentry, Furniture and Interiors

Welcome to the world created by the harmonious tandem of the modern Furniture and Interior Carpentry Shop. We are passionate about crafts in a modern version, we eagerly use modern technologies to make unique furniture to size. Here, design meets functionality, creating original combinations in a timeless style. We are here to respond to the needs of people who dream of interesting interiors decorated with the use of a fitted kitchen or spacious built-in wardrobes - matching their style, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences. We provide you with comprehensive services: from design to assembly and comprehensive turnkey repairs. We are happy to make sure that you live in a house that radiates good energy, is ergonomic, user-friendly and aesthetic as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we are constantly available, listening to your needs and responding flexibly to them. Therefore, at the stage of turnkey renovation or designing attic buildings, we can make the necessary changes - all to make the final work spectacular!

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Kitchen furniture

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Our passion is designing beautiful interiors, especially custom-made kitchens. They can be decorated in a modern, classic, Scandinavian or New York style. We also have many projects with stylish kitchens in the lead role. We make kitchen furniture in various colors and configurations. We do it out of passion and willingness to provide alternatives to standard and repetitive projects of poor quality. It has to be beautiful, ergonomic and just like you dreamed of. When planning the spacing of the kitchen to size, we take into account every detail. This allows us to use the available space wisely, and turn limitations into advantages. We design kitchen fronts from materials resistant to high temperatures and moisture. We see potential where others do not see it, which is why custom-made kitchens that leave our Carpentry Shop are unique and unique.

We make kitchen furniture in various styles. We are also happy to take on the challenges of metamorphoses. Sometimes new kitchen fronts are enough, other times elegant wooden tables with chairs to completely change the look of the room and make it even more functional!

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Modern equipment on request

Although we specialize in custom-made kitchens, we approach any attic, staircase or turnkey renovation projects that you entrust us with with commitment and openness. Thanks to this, we have a rich portfolio of works, which include:

  • built-in wardrobes and wardrobes,

  • bathroom buildings,

  • atypical buildings at an angle, including attic buildings,

  • solid wood stairs,

  • loft tables with wooden tops,

  • kitchen fronts,

  • RTV sets,

  • loft sliding doors.

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The delivered furniture is kept in a consistent, minimalist style. But you can also order individual elements - wooden tables, fronts and kitchen worktops. We lean towards Scandinavian and industrial trends, but we also have creativity in other projects. Hence the availability of stylish kitchens and built-in wardrobes inspired by Provencal style.

Furniture designer and contractor - kitchen furniture, wardrobes, built-in wardrobes

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Our duo is reliable when it comes to turnkey home finishing or apartment renovation. We have many implementations in the field of attic buildings and arranging stairs. We have fresh ideas, innovative visions and a range of solutions that will delight every investor - regardless of whether you are planning a complete turnkey renovation or just an interior metamorphosis. We are the people you contact during the work. Don't worry about poor information flow, delays or understatement. You can control everything or outsource management to us - each variant of cooperation will bring the same spectacular effect. You will gain a modern and ergonomic kitchen, increase the available space after attic construction, you will receive functional bathroom furniture and many other benefits. Your property will take on a new character, delighting with thoughtful solutions and top-shelf design! We encourage you to cooperate with us in the field of bathroom furniture, kitchen furniture and other interior finishing and furnishing elements.

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