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Small, cozy and functional - how to arrange a small apartment

Updated: May 3, 2021

Arranging a small apartment is not an easy task. In a relatively small space, you need to find a place to store the necessary things, a dining room, a bedroom area, the one for children and the one conducive to relaxation. How to do it so that it is not only functional and comfortable, but also cozy and nice?

Living in a small living space, you can feel overwhelmed by the limited space. It is very important to find a place for a spacious wardrobe, equipped with clever accessories that facilitate storage of things. You will also need foldable and functional furniture, numerous compartments for various items, as well as free space that will provide a bit of breath. How to make an apartment seem more spacious and perfect for everyday use? This question often appears in the minds of people who are faced with the task of arranging a space limited in terms of size. Stylists and interior architects emphasize that light floors and walls are a total must-have in small apartments. These treatments allow you to visually enlarge the room, which is usually the desired effect.

Let the high ceiling and glass doors be your ally!

To get the optical impression of a high ceiling, it is enough to take a paintbrush or roller in your hand and apply a strip in the color of the walls on the ceiling along the line of contact with the walls. A combination of a white ceiling and, for example, light gray, pastel or blue walls will be perfect here. The edge that will rise will surely catch the eye, while providing the illusion of a much higher ceiling. This patent is extremely simple and self-executing, and the effects that can be obtained with it - simply amazing.

If the apartment is not too spacious, let's think about choosing a sliding door that will be placed between the living room and the bedroom or will be used to separate the bathroom instead of traditional door leaves. Interior designers often use glass doors that provide access to daylight. These models look lighter visually and do not overwhelm the space in which they are placed. If the interior of the house is kept in a modern, minimalist or industrial style - let's choose white and delicate gray wings. If the glazing presents a geometric arrangement - vertical or horizontal - it will give the whole apartment an impression of order and become its important stylistic element.

Less is more - a fashionable and functional interior

In a small apartment, you should pay attention to the number of decorative elements, as they can easily dominate the space and give the impression of chaos or clutter. Visual confusion is something better avoided. In a small space, it is worth giving up the excessive display of travel souvenirs, colorful photos and large decorative elements.

Although it might seem that the arrangements of small interiors will look bad in combination with large furniture, it is not true. It is definitely better to use larger pieces of furniture for a small apartment than the small ones. It is worth ensuring that all worktops are at the same or similar height. This will provide a visual impression of order, optically enlarge the entire apartment and introduce a clear and desirable division into it. Furniture on legs should be perfect, because they reveal more of the floor, and the arrangement of a small apartment using them can be really amazing. Arranging a small apartment does not have to be difficult - all you need is an idea of ​​how to furnish it. It seems that choosing custom-made furniture is a really great idea. This solution guarantees that the furniture will fit, match the room's capabilities and maximize its usability. They will be tailored to our needs and the possibilities offered by the apartment.

Decorative elements that work perfectly!

If we have a limited space and we do not know how to arrange a small apartment, it is worth reaching for wood. This natural material is likely to never go out of style and its greatest advantage is that it brings to everyone

interior naturalness. Wooden parquet, custom-made tables or small decorations will be beautiful in a small apartment. Hanging a mirror on the wall will help to visually enlarge the space. It is also important to choose the right lighting, because it will make the apartment seem brighter and cozier. However, it should not be a lighting splendor - let's choose coherent and simple lamps that serve small spaces. Let's give up curtains in the windows, and let's put on light curtains. The more daylight in the interior - the better. Exposed windows will optically add a few cm more space, and thus the created arrangement will be even better!

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