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Danish hygge - how to live happily?

Updated: May 3, 2021

Hygge is a lifestyle that focuses on the joy of every moment and comfort in everyday life. Celebrating everyday moments and focusing on a sense of security is something that goes further and manifests itself not only in the living space, but also in interior design.

Hygge means to appreciate little pleasures

Hygge is a trend that is very popular these days. It embodies what gives happiness and allows you to find joy even in seemingly ordinary, everyday and insignificant activities. Danish hygge encourages you to slow down the pace of your day and enjoy the moment that is just underway. The very word "hygge", which is pronounced like hugge, means "to be content with something." In Scandinavian philosophy, joy should appear alongside a sense of inner peace, security and fulfillment. The Danish lifestyle is also associated with the so-called mental hygiene, which allows you to learn the skill of being happy. More and more often, the Danish philosophy of life looks into our homes and conditions interior design.

Living in Danish style - the trend of lazing around

It would seem that in order to be able to blissfully laze in a living space, special conditions must be created for this. Nothing could be more wrong - we can approach this task in a more practical and simple way to make the house simply more pleasant. To introduce Danish hygge to your apartment, you will need things that soothe your mood and what directly increases comfort and convenience. Necessary accessories may be things that will help, for example, to prepare your favorite drink - good coffee beans, tea with your favorite flavor, a beautiful cup or a stylish mug. Wrapping yourself in a soft and fluffy blanket while resting on the couch is another example of Danish hygge. This style is all about creating a place and conditions in your home that will be conducive to relaxation.

Hygge, i.e. relaxation in a beautiful style

The Danish recipe for happiness opens up to anything that helps you relax. However, it is worth remembering that this style is about seemingly ordinary things, and not necessarily about exclusive and fashionable gadgets. Hygge does not impose any specific interior design, although it is undoubtedly the closest to the Scandinavian trend. It focuses on naturalness and unpretentiousness, which in practice means an efficient and aesthetic combination of those interior design elements that ensure comfort. Hygge cannot exist without contact with people, which is why relationships, conversations and simply being with loved ones are very important in him. This principle can be reflected in the arrangement of a large table in the living room, at which you can eat with family and friends, enjoying their company. Comfortable lounge furniture that you can sit on while watching a series or having a passionate conversation about life - also fits in with the hygge trend. The Danish-style interiors are perfect for custom-made furniture - they are ideally suited to the needs of the owners, fulfill the functional functions set before them and maximize the comfort of using the living space. This is hygge without a doubt!

The interiors of supporters of this style are usually dominated by furniture with a soul, which is stylized older or older, original, self-renovated, remade, painted in a bright color or made to size and according to the preferences of their owners. You can also often find a mixture of old and new interior design elements. It is worth remembering that hygge is based on simplicity and moderation and does not tolerate excess, glamor and unleavened style.

Hygge is natural first and foremost!

If we want to arrange a flat or a room so that it reflects the Danish recipe for happiness, we should choose furniture and other elements of decor that will be made primarily of natural materials. Wood, ceramics, natural fabrics - it's a bull's eye! Bright and subdued colors will be a better solution than motley and colorful shades. The decorations should be liked. The rule is - all the elements must give you joy, not be in a "showcase" space. It is also worth giving up unnecessary things, because it will allow you to get more space for relaxation and happy building relationships with your loved ones and yourself.

A Danish-style kitchen should provide a space where you can spend time with friends, family or children, both preparing and eating meals together. In such a kitchen there should be nice tableware, but not necessarily expensive and exclusive. Kitchen furniture to size is a solution that is worth reaching for when arranging a kitchen in this style. Older, original, subdued colors and relatively simple shapes will work best. In the bathroom, a bathtub will be more hygge than a shower, because you can take long baths in it, full of your favorite scents, with a book in your hand and candles lit around you.

The hygge philosophy is primarily a state of mind that is focused on enjoying every passing moment and looking for space for small pleasures, as well as honest and beautiful relationships with people. Accessories can help us with this by creating a space conducive to everyday relaxation, but it is also important to have the right attitude.

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